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The Quality Assurance Scheme for Advocates (‘QASA’ or ‘the Scheme’) was developed by the Joint Advocacy Group (JAG), which comprises representatives from the Bar Standards Board (BSB), the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) and ILEX Professional Standards (IPS). It is the first scheme that systematically assures the quality of advocates appearing in criminal courts in England and Wales.

On this website you can find updates and announcements on the Scheme, information on the Scheme including processes, applications and information about implementation. There are also specific pages containing useful information for advocates, judges and consumers.

The following documents are now available to download:

 - The QASA Handbook
 - The Criminal Advocacy Evaluation Form (CAEF)
 - BSB QASA Appeals Policy

If you have any queries about the Scheme please read our frequently asked questions.

Details about the consultation can be found here.

 - QASA update - 20 December 2012
 - QASA update - 31 January 2013
 - QASA update - 26 March 2013
 - QASA update - 13 June 2013
 - QASA update - 29 July 2013
 - QASA update - 21 August 2013
 - QASA update - 20 January 2014
 - QASA update - 27 January 2014
 - QASA update - 16 April 2014
 - QASA update - 9 May 2014
 - QASA update - 7 October 2014

In order to make an application, check on the progress of an application or make any other changes to your application please return to your regulator’s website.

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